Peru Wedding Traditions

Peruvians possess a abundant culture and heritage that is mirrored inside their ceremonies. Many Peruvians have also unique wedding practices that are the two fun and meaningful!

For example , among the most interesting Peruvian wedding customs certainly is the cake yank. A simple arena or allure is associated with several ribbons and attached to the bottom of the wedding party cake. Single females then set up and move the bow, whoever gets it’ll be the next bride.


As in many cultures, marriage ceremonies often start with a benefit from the parents. In Peru, this is performed through a despacho (or kintu). The escritorio is presented on the ground and filled with food products, flowers and also other symbolic items coming from guests. The couple afterward wraps it in local weavings, ties it and blesses it before either burning it or burying that. This is required for order to mail all of the very good intentions and blessings to Pachamama (Mother Earth) so that they will come true.

At the reception, there is usually a huge dressoir table filled up with many Peruvian foods like ceviche or perhaps lomo saltado and refreshments such as agarrado morada or pisco sours. Music can be played with a live group of musicians and dancing is encouraged. The highlight belonging to the reception is normally the “hora loca”, a crazy dance party that involves all the guests. Throughout the hora, the groom is usually seen holding the bride on his shoulder muscles, which presents synonymous with their strong bond.


A Peruvian marriage ceremony peruvian girls feast day is a joyful affair full of meaningful rituals and symbolism. During the procesional and recessional, friends will often give the bride and groom gifts as they welcome these people arm-in-arm into their new lifestyle at the same time.

At the wedding reception, friends will be offered cocktails and appetizers like ceviche or lomo saltado in addition to a buffet table with a selection of Peruvian food. Alcohol will be streaming freely, and the dance floor will be crowded.

Before the few heads away to their honeymoon, they will be given a despacho. This is certainly a tradition where wedding guests set their benefits and motives to get the couple onto a piece of cloth. Then your despacho can be wrapped in local weavings, tied, and blessed. Afterward, the couple definitely will either burn up or hide it as a way of mailing all of those kind wishes to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and so that they may come accurate.


The Peruvian reception is a joyous affair with plenty of dance and music. The dressoir table is stacked high with delicious food and refreshments, and often personal touches like personal pisco bottles or the couple’s caricature for the cake.

One of the more exclusive traditions may be the despacho: a cloth can be spread on the ground and guest contributes to it with coca leaves, his / her wishes designed for the few, and benefits to Pachamama (Mother Earth). It could then draped up, attached, blessed, and either burned or perhaps buried as being a kind sacrifice to the terrain.

An additional tradition is the pastry cutting, in which guests congratulate the couple and offer their best wants for the future. Finally, toasts are evident from both equally sides of the family. And of course, the alcohol flows readily.

Post-Wedding Celebrations

Before you get married lawfully in Peru, you have to have a civil wedding service. Afterwards, the celebration may start!

At most weddings, the couple’s ancestors and forefathers will be present to bless them. And during the procesional/recessional event, music will be playing and dancers will probably be dancing along to reverance the wedding couple.

One of the most unique practices in a Peruvian wedding is the despacho. This is a stiched basket that’s packed with representational products. Each customer will come up and place their particular wish for the couple on a cocoa leaf in the despacho, which can be then wrapped and blessed. The couple may then either burn or bury it, sending all the kind intentions to Pachamama.

Once everyone’s well fed and the night is certainly winding down, la hora loca begins. This is certainly a thematic hour-long party that may be anything out of soccer to Monster Ball Z ..


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